Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Funnies

Saturday I was watching the Giants/Phillies game, when the FoxTV cameras showed a deadly serious Bruce Bochy signalling to his batter. I almost did a "Spit Take"!

Bochy, the Giants' manager looked like he was guiding the Normandy Invasion or something else equally dire. The slapstick language of baseball signals just looked so totally ridiculous juxtaposed against the dour visage of Bochy on the top step of the dugout...the mirrored shades only contributed to the dichotomy. Boy, am I glad I wasn't sipping on my coffee!

After the Giants lost, continuing a nine game skid, I wasn't chortling any more. I ordered some Giants World Series embroidered patches...gotta get my fan on...the Giants need help...

Nine games (11 of 15 really) is a long slide...long slide? Like skiing? I could be starting to miss's what...only August?

About two weeks ago, I was behind a fire engine at a local stop light...I smelled the sweet smell of diesel exhaust...instant longing to smell my faithful old BR350's's high time I find some distraction. Perhaps the Cotati Accordion Festival? Two weeks out...better go to Plan B...

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