Friday, August 12, 2011

Road to History

Another bit of Lincoln Highway history found it's way into @CorduroyPlanet's timeline today. It seems that @LincolnHwyAssoc is making good use of the social media.

This bit-o-history is vaguely familiar to's from Auburn, CA's daily paper the Auburn Journal. I used to ride right through Riley's Corner on my motorcycle tours through Gold Country. Auburn's Lincoln Way used to be named Main Street until 1913 when it was renamed for the newly established Lincoln Highway.

I read the story and looked up the area on YahooMaps...from the newspaper story I couldn't pinpoint the location in my mind's eye. Thanks YahooMaps!

No baseball today, thankfully the Giants are off...traveling to Florida actually, where they play the Florida Marlins.

The Giants' slide has been painful...and sadly the spate of injuries continues...Just acquired right fielder Carlos Beltran injured his hand in his last at bat Tuesday, and Nate Shierholtz is nursing a sore hip flexor...this injury thing is just getting unbelievable this season. 

There's never much on TV that floats my boat, but tonight there was bicycle racing on the tube. The Tour of Utah from today's race. Several Tour de France racers are in Utah...I wonder if they'll race on any of the old Lincoln Highway pavement? Well, I checked the Lincoln Hwy connections...

I'm surprised at how cool it was this was a bit warmer in Truckee today than here in the Inland Valley. The forecast is for continued cool days for the weekend.

Yesterday's clichés are haunting me today...I'm waiting for "The Lincoln Highway: California" by Gregory M Franzwa to come in the mail. I know it's "in the mail", I saw the check posted to my account. The California Chapter is taking a little longer to process my map order, I guess...

Even though feeling like the little kid who can't get to sleep on Christmas Eve isn't my favorite state of consciousness, now it's tempered by the knowledge that another tidbit of Lincoln Highway lore can come down the Information Superhighway when I least expect it.

Oh Twitter...serendipity be thy name...

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