Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is Time a Cliché? or Does It Just Seem Like It?

Our American English is chock-full of time clichés. Recognizing two conflicting clichés piqued my musing muscle tonight.

First the slight of hand...the bird in the hand, not in the the bush, not the hand...wait a minute...d'oh!

Take two: A watched pot doesn't boil...time stood still...

The how time flies!

My Fantasy
So there I was...minding my own business...lamenting the seemingly eternal (three whole weeks) "Summer Break" of the Formula One season. Will August's last weekend ever get here? It seems like time is in slow motion...slower than molasses in January...

Formula One's first half ended on a high note, a second victory in a row for a team other than Red Bull Racing. After a meteoric start, and wild mid-season technical rule changes, ostensibly to "level the playing field", and the swirling hullabaloo surrounding the implementation of the new sporting regs, and the final reversal of said regs. Red Bull's dominance showed some chinks in their armor, losing two in a row to McLaren.

It turns out that Red Bull's "technical advantage"...widely believed to be their über-clever "blown diffuser", wasn't the key to the highway after all. McLaren and Ferrari closed the gap with their aerodynamic developments, not by playing with the delivery of exhaust gasses to their diffusers.

There's nothing that gets my motor running like the bleeding-edge engineering and close racing of F1...throw in some industrial espionage-style intrigue, some fever swamp conspiracy theorizing, and Mother Nature's heavy handed dealing, and you've got your basic World Class Entertainment!

The Belgian Grand Prix runs at the incredible Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium's Ardennes Forest. August 28th. Several of motor racing's most iconic corners reside at Spa-Francorchamps. Eau Rouge, La Source, Le Combes, Stavelot, these are the Mount Olympus of F1...breathtaking in every possible wonder time has become like Winter speed molasses.

My Reality
Tonight as I started writing this scratch, I noticed that it's already August 10th! Are you kidding me? Where did Summer go? Five weeks and change 'till the Reno Air Races take how time flies!

Holy Smokes! I read the first prediction for this Winter this week! Tahoe Weather Discussion predicts  winter snowfall of 75%-95% of average. To tell the truth, Winter is the farthest thing from my mind tonight. I closed the windows before 10PM tonight...that ol' marine layer is moving into the Inland Valley...bringing the Delta Breeze along for the ride.

Hey, I'm still waiting to find a decent tree ripened freestone peach...another cool Summer...oh, and Happy Birthday Smokey Bear! 67 years young!

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  1. No wonder the F1 Summer Break seems so's four weeks not three! d'oh!