Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Dog Ate My Homework!

No, really!

Updating for the 21st Century...
I wrote half of today's blog before falling asleep around 1AM. At 0330 I woke up again and looked at the screen of the notebook, and clicked to finish my thoughts.

*POOF* All everything disappeared, vanished, zero, zilch, zip, nada. I clicked all over, tried history, refreshing...everything. Resigned to my fate, I thought of the Homework Eating Dog Excuse, and closed my eyes again.

My original title was "Cooling Trend" In the blog I brilliantly weaved a tale of the falling fortunes of my beloved San Francisco Giants, the cooling of the weather here in the Inland Valley, through skiing news from New Zealand, then ricocheting to the falling temps in the Arctic and Antarctic, and the continued trend of the PDO into the cool phase. I was Brilliant...honest!

So, I woke up, made a pot of French Roast and mixed up a loaf of Banana Bread. Not my old favorite's still safely ensconced in my recipe file at the DaveCave. I thought it came from one of my Mom's cookbooks, but I was mistaken. Old Fave uses honey in lieu of white sugar, and 1 1/2 cups of mashed bananas. It always turns out very moist with a heady banana aroma, and a fine texture. Next time I'm home, I'll make a recipe Word Doc for the Family Cookbook.

Today's Banana Bread was chosen because it didn't require mashing the fruit, and it uses sour cream, which I had in stock. I can smell the sour cream two rooms away from the kitchen as the loaf cools. Even the heel, eaten warm is rich...the recipe is named "Janet's Rich Banana Bread". Thanks!

As I was writing, I heard the mailman drive down the street. I looked at my watch...too early...I looked down the street, and it was a mail truck. I slipped on my jungle mocs and opened the door...voilà there was a package on the front porch! My copy of "The Lincoln Highway: California" has arrived!

I browsed the book, it's very nice, and the list of my personal connections is growing exponentially! Chapter One: Verdi, Nevada to Sacramento is all about my piece of the Lincoln.

I've driven Dog Valley Road a dozen or so times over the years, it was even the detour for Interstate 80 during a wildfire a few years back. I built a couple of houses on Prosser Dam Road. Near Cisco Grove, BajaBabe worked at the Big Bend Ranger Station. Old Highway 40 over Donner Summit...lot's of touchstones.

I'd often wondered if the Lincoln used Ophir Road between Auburn and Newcastle...yes. In Sacramento, Auburn Blvd and Greenback Lane were once the Truckee Branch. Folsom Blvd, the Pioneer Branch.

In my youth, the family always stopped at the Nut Tree in Vacaville...on Monte Vista Avenue, of the1928 Lincoln Highway. North Texas St, West Texas St, Suisun Valley Rd in Fairfield...

Lots of exploring ahead! History...Ho!

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