Saturday, August 6, 2011

Picking Up the Pieces

I don't have much energy left tonight...It's been a busy week...I accomplished a bunch of things.

Yeah, the Giants' slide has taken a toll, but the other stuff I took care of did the lion's share of the damage. It's all straightened out now, so let the relaxation commence!

I've kept digging in the Lincoln Highway Lode. I now know the location of three Lincoln Highway Mileposts, and a couple of original bridges that have vestigial Lincoln Highway Signs still fading away on the concrete.

The California Chapter of the Lincoln Highway Association has a set of maps of all the routes through the years in California, and nearby Livermore, CA has a Lincoln Highway Museum in the original Duarte Garage, built in 1915 by FH Duarte. Duarte's Garage was an Associated Oil service station right on the original road, and served travelers until 1927 when the Carquinez Bridge opened and the Lincoln Highway's route was moved to the bridge.

The Livermore Heritage Guild opens the museum one Sunday each month. When it's open at the end of August, I'll have the California Chapter's maps in hand, and I'll take as much of the old route as I can out to Livermore.

Slowly I'm finding bits of info about the local pieces of the road...some day I'll have them all lined up like ducks in a row so I can make a day of visiting and photographing a bit of the route.

There's a California Chapter meeting in October...I might get there, too...this is fun!

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