Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lookin' For Lincoln

OK, that didn't take long. They say Curiosity killed the cat. While not a bee in my bonnet per se, this Lincoln Highway thing is beginning to consume me...or at least my time.

Wednesday's foray into Berkeley caused me to miss the Giants game (though I watched the cable replay...after I knew the final score) Not a trace to be found, though the view of the Berkeley Pier was stunning, as was the view of the cable catwalks up to the new tower of the eastern span of the Bay Bridge...they'll start pulling cable soon.

On the internet and on the ground, the Lincoln Highway plays coy...searches don't exactly work...that is, when I search "Lincoln Highway" I get results that are close, but not exactly what I'm looking for. I settle for close enough...start reading...and then another source reveals itself.

Lots of these "near hits" are blogs or archived newspaper columns of the human interest variety, from before Daily Newspapers embraced the internet, hence the articles aren't tagged for searching, or haven't got enough hits to attract Google's searchbots.

The Lincoln Highway Association (LHA) cites several books on the highway, and links to the publisher, but these books aren't on Amazon or Barnes and Noble's website. I visited my local Barnes and Noble today. The books are in their system, but they can't order them for me...I'm guessing that the LHA has an exclusivity deal with the publisher. They're in a no-win situation I guess...more profit from the books for the LHA, but less audience online. I'll mention this when I order "Lincoln Highway: California"

I talked to SturgeUrge this afternoon...he's going to a family function in Stockton for the weekend. I was able to inform him that Stockton's Waterloo Road was once a piece of the Lincoln Hwy...I bored him with the Berkeley Pier story too. SturgeUrge evened the score with a fishing report from Tuesday.

SturgeUrge took his nephew out after halibut Tuesday...they couldn't buy a bite, and missed a few drivebys...slightly mauled baits that SturgeUrge thought were sharks not halibut. Then on the last bait of the day, the nephew nails a 29 inch striped bass! Good on ya, Casey!

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