Sunday, February 13, 2011


Niche Sports Newz
I fell asleep way early this morning...consequently, I'm up early this evening as well. Fully expecting to stay in bed and to fall back to sleep, I started clicking through the TV channels to find a Weather Report, when I fell upon NASCAR's Budweiser Shootout from Daytona Beach, Florida.

This is the first event leading up to next Sunday's Daytona 500, Stock Car racing's "Super Bowl" NASCAR finds itself "on simmer" a decade after it's biggest star, Dale Earnhardt lost his life in a last lap crash at the 2001 Daytona 500. It's beyond me this evening to opine on the myriad reasons behind NASCAR's fall in this space, but judging by what I'm seeing tonight, the series may be reawakening.

The Daytona International Speedway has been repaved since the Firecracker 400 last Independence Day Weekend. Several rules changes appear to have put Drafting back into the show. I saw pairs of cars running together outpace all comers...old-timey racing for a change...we'll see next weekend...

Lats just say that I'm really looking forward to Mid-March when the Formula One Season takes the Green Flag in Bahrain.

Piste News
WTF? I actually dug a hole last night! Huh? Yup, on a pass I've made at least twenty times over the past two weeks...Groomers say the pack is rotting from inside. I didn't find any geology under there, but it did require three down-passes to fix it.

My trusty old BR350 is just rockin' the mountain since that fuel injector swap...the oil consumption is back to nil as well...good times. I took some snaps of my office...

Executive Chair, groomers call it The Throne
Essentials: French Roast, Talk Radio Podcast Gear
Bicycle Racing News
The Organizers of the AMGEN Tour of California finished rolling out the Stage Details this week. Stage 2 is right in my backyard, and there's a couple of new wrinkles in Stage 4. The first Mountaintop Finish for the ToC, plus the first Hors Catégorie climb in the ToC to the Mt Hamilton Observatory. With "real" mountain profiles and the World's best racers, this will be a great race.

America's Cup News
Saints be praised! There will be America's Cup racing on San Francisco Bay in 2012! Twenty days of Exhibition Racing between July and September 2012! Today's SF Chronicle has the story.

I guess I really am scattered tonight...everything is out there in the future in My World. Pattern Change is coming, but first I have to finish my week. Tonight, I'll start the trail with the rotting hole thing on a down-pass tonight...but before that...nap time...

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