Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Storm Door Re-Opens Pandora's Box

Tom Petty sang: "The waiting is the hardest part" No truer words were ever crooned.

The pre-frontal winds arrived before dawn Monday. The sun came out at the DaveCave, but flurries were blowing in from the Sierra Crest, about four miles West, as the snow flies... I ran errands, straightened up my side of the garage, put the pickup in the garage, and began my weekend of hunkering down. (I wussed out on my trip down to the Ancestral Digs...the forecast has snow levels way down to 2000ft on Wednesday, when I planned to return, and the thought of 50+ miles of chain controls is more than I'm prepared to endure!)

Here on Tuesday afternoon, the sun is still shining, the roads are clear, and the wind is still howling. Interstate 80, while Chain Control-Free, was closed for a time Tuesday morning Westbound for a tipped-over hay truck just West of Donner even made the Sacramento TV News thanks to the miracle that is Skype and cell phones...whatta mess.

I did some Spring Cleaning in the DaveCave proper, ran a load of laundry, edited the DVRs, and got the recycling done. I was listening to the radio, and had the TV on with the sound off...the better to watch the approach of the storm system...only it didn't get any closer.

I took a break for lunch (a Homemade "Bakesale Bette's" Fried Chicken Sandwich, with a Gordon Biersch Czech Style Pilsner) I looked around my weather websites for some intel, and the forecasters were moving the storm's arrival back...web serendipity being what it is, I found a story on what type of drivers will be the first to get in a wreck when the snow starts falling, and chain controls start marching down the mountain...

Duh...SUV Drivers! All Mountain People know this...KCRA3 has the story with video. Who hasn't cursed one of these fools as they blow past you like Mario Andretti, only to enjoy the schadenfreude a little later when you pass them while they're high-centered on the median or guardrail?

Ah ha! My 9:30PM check of the webcams told the story...the wait is over! Chain controls are up from Drum to Truckee...there's a growing inch of snow on the DaveCave's front porch, a Winter Storm Warning is up, and the WeatherReaders on the 6 O'clock news all agreed, the worst was coming overnight...damn, and yours truly with the night off!

I won't be able to sleep tomorrow, for tomorrow night I get to play again!

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