Saturday, July 17, 2010

Maybe I Need a Day Off

I couldn't find a single coherent thought after Thursday's Ballgame and Forced March. I wrote and posted two entries about not very much anyway.

It turns out that the second blog-ette was my 250th post here. So I wasted a milestone for what...whining about my feet? Stay classy, TruckeeDave!

I know how the Tour de France racers feel this week...kinda like a poached egg when it lands on the toast. It's been wicked hot here in the Inland Valley, over 90F every day this week.

I've been doing some ladder work over at the SturgeUrge Compound all week too. And doing some chores in the Diggins.

The Delta Winds did kick in this afternoon, so there's relief blowin' in the wind.

I'm gonna cool my heels this weekend (if you don't count chores, errands, and the Farmer's Market) This weekend the Giants are playing the Dodgers in LA, the IndyCars race in Toronto, the MotoGP bikes race in Germany, and the Tour de France enters the big mountains of the Pyrénées starting Sunday. Lots of daring-do and drama, plus baseball. I feel restoration is nigh.

Properly rejuvenated, SturgeUrge and I will hunt halibut on San Francisco Bay Monday.

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