Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gagging On Jargon

Every endeavor has it's own lexicon. It seems the more scientific the pursuit, the more jargon it generates. Meteorology is loaded with big words and arcane acronyms. Government bureaucracies seem tireless in their penchant for pumping out reams and reams of jargon. They've raised acronym creation to a Dark Artform that usually makes my head spin when I hear any of it.

AFD, ENSO, PDO, El Niño, La Niña, La La Land...let me up!

I'm an old SnoCat jockey who geeks out on all things weather, and I'm a first class offender, jargon-wise...each of those Government-Speak acronyms come out of my mouth from time to time...(well not La La Land)

Meteorologists and climatologists have all these wonderful new computer models and data sets that all get new names at an ever-increasing rate. I have a good memory that catalogs and stores all kinds of fun facts, so I forget sometimes, that not everyone else in my world is conversant with all the same stuff that fills my days and daydreams.

Therefore, as a Public Service...I will start a Glossary of these densely arcane bits of meteo-jargon. I'll stack it over in the Sidebar with the Toolboxes and Labels.

After my late night of pseudo-toil building the Jargon Glossary, I set the alarm for the last hour of the LIVE Tour de France broadcast, and went off to dreamland.

I woke up a couple of hours before the alarm chimed in, so I watched most of the Tour's Stage 10.

After yesterday's total Grinder, the peloton looked like they were loafing! The contenders and their teams didn't try to reel in the morning's breakaway...I think recovery was Job One today...because it's still very hot in France. Yet another early crash! Two of Team CorduroyPlanet racers hit the deck...road rash...nothing orthopedic reported!

Unfortunately, my Fantasy Teams took the day off too...of the 16 riders I have left on my two teams, exactly one rider scored points today. Team CorduroyPlanet scored 35 big points today. A perfect score is 645 points! You need to score all of the top 9 places in the stage, and have the GC Leader, the Sprint Points Leader, and the King of the Mountains Leader.

Team CorduroyPlanet will bounce back Thursday. The Tour leaves the Alps, and races over fairly flat roads that favor a bunch sprint at the finish line. Four of Team CorduroyPlanet's remaining seven riders are sprinters! I have the Green Jersey (Sprint Points Leader) too (5 of today's 35 points)

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