Sunday, July 18, 2010

Waddya Know?

I managed to raise sloth to a performance art Saturday. Oh, I ran some errands, and picked up my tools at the SturgeUrge job site, before spending a lovely evening watching my SF Giants playing good "Small Ball" and beating the NY Mets. After my quick afternoon stop at the grocery store, I was all set for dinner and the game.

I made stir fried asparagus with garlic over steamed rice for an early dinner before tuning in the game. I looked at the SF Giants' website to peruse Buster Posey's stats, and caught up with the correct schedule for the hated LA Dodgers. That series starts Monday.

When the baseball game ended, I watched the Prime Time Tour de France telecast of Stage 13, and when looking for something for desert, I had a "Glass Half Full" moment.

There is a real upside to this infernal, lingering SpringThing that's masquerading as our Summer.

For lovers of fresh, sweet Bing Cherries things couldn't be any better! I had some Washington State Bings in the refrigerator that I picked up a couple of days ago. These were perfect peak season mid July! Sweet and rich, they made a perfect dessert/snack.

I must say I'm just a little confused by the good choices in the produce aisle this summer, late Spring Bings OK, but the stone fruit and melons seem like they ripened in long, even hot temps!

I've been getting a cantaloupe a week for the past three or four weeks, and every one has been sweet, ripe and flavorful. At the church luncheon this week, the watermelon was August Sweet too!

While I was relaxing, I went looking for a Tide Table App for my iPod. It couldn't be any more handy to have a real-time tide predictor in my pocket when I'm halibut fishing on San Francisco Bay. Happily, the App Store had a nice, free tide app. I fiddled with it, and stored some favorite tide stations...SF Bay at the Golden Gate...our local benchmark. Richmond's Inner Harbor...where we launch, and Benicia...the nearest tide station to the Mare Island Straights (our last ditch sturgeon spot when the wind is really blowing)

I'm a little concerned by the dearth of Halibut Reports so far this season, but there's some albacore tuna offshore this week, and lots of guys are still trying to find the it's understandable. The season has been even windier than usual, further suppressing fishing efforts, so I'm not exactly surprised...

They say any day fishing is a day added to your lifespan...I'm all for it.

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