Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mac Arthur Park

No, it didn't rain last night, but the wind was rain on my parade, so to speak.

Still, near Hero status snow made for enjoyable grooming. The wind blew pillows of snow all over the trails I groomed, and these pillows weren't in their usual places. Trails with a North/South orientation were without pillows all together, while the East/West facing runs had drifts everywhere. These lead me into a sucker hole once or twice, where I had to lift my tiller to avoid auguring in...and to an extra downhill pass to clean up my mess.

I did more plowing that usual too...champagne-dry powder whipped by hurricane force winds makes for some huge drifts, and giant wind wells. I must have filled a dozen big tree wells last night. They kept reminding me of the Grand Canyon...

All in all, it was a quiet night. My old favorite BR350's windshield wipers failed, but the snow was dry enough that even with the wind, it didn't hit the window! We knocked out the Work Orders, save one winch project, re-winched two runs off the top, and spent our last half hour helping the Park Groomers get their list done!

Ski Resort Egg Salad Recipe

Take one or two bunny hills covered with Easter Egg Hunt treats

Add one SnowCat w/ Tiller

Mix and Explain...

This actually happened to me a decade or more ago...this may be the first year since that I haven't been reminded about it...

New and Improved this season...Two Easter Egg Hunts!

Happy Easter!


  1. No such luck...the Legend lives on!

    Now "The Egg Salad Incident" has become just another chapter in the storied history of My Mountain. They don't bother to mention it to me anymore...a courtesy I assume...

    It's become an annual cautionary tale...

  2. What a CRACK UP! Thanks for the precautionary hilarity...looks to be witch tity cold there? Will Persephone ever emerge?

  3. Cold for sure...we used the B-Word at the end of the sift Sunday AM

    Bitter! Bitter Cold.

    The snow's stopped falling at the DaveCave, it's supposed to stay cold for a day or two, then warm springlike weather will return.