Saturday, April 10, 2010

Home Opener!

Oh, may the Joys of Spring never end!

Thanks to the miracle that is Cable Sports, I watched the SF Giants' Home Opener tonight on the tube. After a full day's sleep, I awoke to find the replay underway, and watched the Giants tie it up in the Ninth Inning!

On what looked to be a Chamber of Commerce afternoon, the Giants won it in the 13th Inning!

I think I'll take in a couple of games this's a beautiful park, with a Billion Dollar View of San Francisco Bay with the Bay Bridge, Yerba Buena Island and the East Bay Hills beyond.

I've been to exactly one game there. I went with my Dad, and we were in the nosebleed seats behind Home Plate. It was the Summer Solstice, and we were baking in the sun. (We got there two hours before game time to watch Batting Practice) Amazingly, one minute before the first pitch, the shadow fell across our seats! The architects clearly thought of everything!

The game quickly degenerated into a pitching duel. Barry Bonds and Benito Santiago had the day off, too. The view from up in the top deck was stellar, though!

Unable to properly scrutinize the Pitching Duel from on high, we amused ourselves by watching the ship traffic, and a couple of guys in a tin boat who appeared to be Halibut Fishing in McCovey Cove. It took those guys most of the game, but the did boat a flattie! Looked to be around 10 lbs or so.

Later we were treated to a Classic Episode of Anchoring Follies. It was an unusually calm afternoon on the Bay, and McCovey Cove is a well protected anchorage. In motors a brand new 80ft Cruising Motoryacht complete with a Boatyard Shine and bristling with electronics...this thing had two SatPhone antennas as well as two Satellite TV antennas.

The Yacht's Skipper was apparently flummoxed by the Anchor Rode Rocker Switch, as the anchor line dropped...raised back up...dropped again...for a series of tries. The Bay's about 30ft deep in there...drop anchor and back away until there's plenty of scope. Drop a stern anchor and equalize scope, and enjoy the game! Clearly there was some serious over-thinking goin' on on the yacht's bridge.

The Giants won the game, but I'll always remember the Anchor-Up Show!

Schadenfreude Rocks!

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