Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Other Opening Day

That would be the Salmon Season off California's Coast. Saturday April 3rd was the Opener...the first after California endured a closed season in 2008,and a barely open, truncated season in 2009.

Judging from internet reports, it was a rough one. Most who ventured out turned around and sought shelter inshore. Some salmon were caught out of Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Half Moon Bay. The further North the bigger the swell. Outside the Golden Gate, seas were 15-20ft at 15 seconds...that's a roller coaster! Mal de Mer guaranteed! No thanks!

SturgeUrge and I plan on fishing next Monday...provided the fleet find the fish first! We'll be watching the buoy reports too...we're too soft for big swells!

Looking ahead to the Long Range Models, we might be in for some weather Monday. The Monterey/San Francisco Marine AFD doesn't mention Swells, but it does allow that wind will be ramping up along with the chances of precipitation...wind is the engine that drives swell formation...stay tuned.

About Last Night
My Monday was kinda rough...even though I slept through the Giants game, I didn't log enough winks, so I did some suffering. The snow was good, and we had a good crowd Monday. We started behind the 8-Ball due to a huge to-do list for the upcoming weekend that's chock-full of racing events all over the start bumps, Pro Jumps and more ate up Swing Shift's time.

I did the slash and burn edit of the Work Orders, the fleet held together, and we made the proverbial Silk Purse in the end.

Looking at the sensor data, temps were up 10F over yesterday, so the Hero's outta town now. We've got double the talent on swing tonight, but the Springlike Conditions will eat most of the advantage gained by front loading our effort.

There's Hope
While updating, I viewed two 6 o'clock Weather Reports...both show colder temps and showers beginning Sat/Sun..."Chalk it up to El Niño" quipped Sacramento's WeatherWag, "El Niño often pushes cooler winter weather deeper into Spring" I'm down with that, even if it keeps us off the water next week. Under two weeks to the end of ski season, mostly we've avoided too much hard grooming. Hero Snow might make an encore appearance for the Home Stretch...

Keep your fingers crossed.

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