Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Opening Day

Before Dawn Monday
Monday is Opening Day for Major League Baseball's SF Giants. I hope I can stay up late enough to watch the 4PM PDT game on TV. I slept in 'till 2AM and have been watching the latest winter storm crash across the High Sierra. Kind of a sick way to spend my night off!

I watched the Space Shuttle's last Night Launch on Standard Definition. Curiously, none of the TV Network's Overnight News Shows showed the launch live...

Around the dial, I took in the Blue Canyon Remotes, where the TV Reporters stomp around in the newly deposited snowdrifts, complain about the wind and/or cold, and introduce the video tape package of Highway Carnage...Gridlocked Traffic...scenes of Snow Removal Equipment at work, etc

Back in studio, the weathercasts show the storm departing my slice of the High Sierra. Soon, I'll hear the Town of Truckee Snowplow rumble by...and I'll throw on my foul weather gear and blow the fresh berm and the driveway. After a hot shower, I'll warm up the DaveCave by playing in the kitchen.

First up, I'm gonna brew up the Brine for Corned Beef 2.0 Also on tap, bake a loaf of bread. For desert, I'll bake up a batch of Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies...I kid you not!

Pulling back the kitchen curtains, I see it's stopped snowing...a good eight inches out there. Probably 12-18 inches up on my Mountain.

10PM Update
My Mountain reported 20 inches for the 24 hour period. As expected, I slept right through the Giants' Game. Giants' Two Time Cy Young Winner, Tim Lincecum dazzled with a seven inning shutout, allowing four singles, zero walks and seven strikeouts. Off to a great start...everyone's home team is going to the World Series on Opening Day!

Springtime, lovely Spring. The cheeseburger birds should begin calling again tomorrow!

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