Saturday, April 3, 2010


Aside from some SnowCat issues, last night rocked! We were blessed with cold temps to go with the new fluff, wind wasn't problem, and Swing Shift rocked the reasonable Work Orders.

Our old BR275 had a short circuit that disabled the stinger and tiller, so we ended up down one shift. Ol' Hero Snow greased our grooves however, so we did two extras beyond the List. I envied our guests when I saw them streaming into the parking lot as I made my way home...great winter April!

April Fools Day came and went without any malicious hijinx, but the date is still notable for California. The DWR, Department of Water Resources makes another Sierra Snow Survey to gather data on California's water storage. The Sierra Snowpack holds more water than all of California's reservoirs combined. Early word is that our Snowpack is 106% of normal.

Here's where I toot my own horn! Longtime readers will recall I predicted an Above Average Winter way back on August 19th, 2009:

"I've never seen Four dry winters in a row, and I've been on this Mountain...yada, yada. They don't say "Four's a charm" for a reason...If this one's "Dry", I think we're looking at a Trend."

So far, so good! It's snowing lightly, and it's supposed to end overnight. It's a cold storm, Chain Controls are way downhill at Drum (One mile east of Baxter) and run over the Summit to Truckee. The Reno NWS said 4-8 inches above 7000ft in their afternoon AFD. Snow level is below 5000ft. After midnight, it's supposed to be over, with much colder, drier air moving in to crash the!

There's still plenty of Moon up on Graveyard, so tonight should be another cake night. Another Cold Front comes in Sunday night to bury any undiscovered Easter Eggs.

Egg Salad and Cake, my idea of a Classic Easter Brunch!

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