Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring In Da Hood

It was Springtime all night long on My Mountain. High cloud cover acted like a lid on a saucepan, and kept the temps up enough that the piste never attained porcelain status.

My worst problem was keeping the old eyes open...springtime brings more distractions and more trouble getting enough sleep...and I forgot my Kitchen Timer, too!

One rookie didn't show up, my telephone entreaties went to Voicemail, but things worked out fine...Work Orders 100% completed!

My trusty BR350 was adorned with and old Flex Tiller from a BR275, but it wasn't equipped with Cookie Catchers...still the wet spring-like snow behaved and didn't berm up.

Ground speed was way down, inducing the dreaded Highway, I couldn't buy a break!

Looking at the sensor data, tonight's gonna be full-on Springtime Grooming...the Swing Guys dealing with slop, and after midnight...bulletproof on grave. Gonna be a slower grind tonight. The afternoon highs were up 5F from yesterday, and the cloud cover is gone...forecast lows are in the teens and 20's

Tonight I'll be earning it...there may be a little Backdoor flurry or two coming through tomorrow afternoon, but the Reno NWS Guys didn't have much confidence in it.

I however, am confident that work will be work tonight...earning it for sure.

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