Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Declare!

It seems that I confused some readers when I wrote "Mutiny" this week judging by this Comment from gee_oh_jo:

"OMG! Lunch and break times use to NOT EXIST before the laborers had their share of being taken advantage of by management. Break times are mandated by safety laws that laborers sweated for, lost lives for and finally won!!! That's a significant part of the U.S. economic history. One should receive a 10 minute break every two hours on company time. A 1/2 hour punch out time for lunch is customary OP.
How you can relate the DI to work procedures is kinda a stretch. Later on down the slope. "

I believe gee_oh_jo is my friend BajaBabe, from the Great Green North. BajaBabe's from the Cold Upper Midwest originally, and her Family has deep roots in the Farm Labor Party. Railing about "Work Rules" was like waving a bright red cape in front of an angry bull...BB's hardwired that way.

My intent was to use the New Lunch Break Regime to ramp up to my bit about the CARB Regs requiring new diesel engines in most applications across California, and to the Declaration of Independence and the problem with our Governments' ever burgeoning intrusions into American's lives.

I'll reiterate my point:
"I've been hearing libertines say: "Keep the government out of the bedroom" for decades. Today apparently, the government is welcome in our dining rooms, kitchens and pantries, bathrooms and laundry rooms, and everywhere else from our highways to byways, schools, businesses, workplaces and hospitals."

In 1992, President George HW Bush signed into law the "Energy Policy Act" which mandated the 1.6 gallon per flush toilets. In no time at all, the most smuggled item across our border with Canada became Old School Toilets!

Eighteen years have passed and still we tolerate this intrusion into our most private of places...I'd guess that today the most smuggled item is Cigarettes...across International Borders...and across State Lines because of the onerous Sin Taxes the Government keeps piling on the coffin nails...

The list of things the Government regulates "on our behalf" grows daily, raising the price of goods and services, and growing the bureaucracy ever larger, all the while creating new classes of criminals to be suffered and dealt with.

Government grows during Good Times and Bad Times...always growing and consuming more of the Private Sector, while usurping more and more of The Public's freedoms in the guise of protecting them, and especially to "make things fair" for them.

This ultimately is Tyranny...oh, it's a Soft Tyranny now, but who's to say our "Public Servants" will always strive to serve...isn't it more likely that they would rather Rule us, for "our own good" at some time in our future?

Today, 30% of America's economy is under the direct control of Washington DC. Should ObamaCare become the Law Of The Land, fully One Half of our once mighty economic engine will be directed by faceless, Un-Elected Federal Bureaucrats!

Did you know that AMTRAK loses money in it's Club Cars? Are you kidding me?! How do you lose money in the Bar Car, when you're the only game in Train?

Post Office...Broke, Medicare...Broke, Social Security...Broke, Fanny Mae...Broke, Freddy Mac...Broke...need I go on?

America got to the top, and helped untold millions around the world Declare Their Independence, all because America was free of an intrusive Government.

Americans just want to be left alone by Washington DC!

You, The Governed...have you given your Consent to Washington DC today?

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  1. I don't remember reading anything in the Constitution about being "left alone"? If anything, the technology of the 21rst century has been designed so Americans won't be "left alone".

    The system broke along time ago when "we" started regulating for the corporations instead of working for the good of the many.

    Eat the rich!