Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Here!

Man it's too nice in Truckee today. I fussed around in my garage a little just before bedtime this felt like it was 75F! It was 75F in Sacramento today...the first 70 degree temperature recorded in 2010.

A Huge High Pressure Ridge is hunkering down over Central California, ensuring warm Spring-Like conditions for the foreseeable future...this means I'm about to start Earning It.

My tractor may or may not have a new/old tiller hanging off her stinger tonight. The flats are going to be as hard as porcelain tile by Graveyard Shift. The Boss phoned this afternoon to fill me in on some crew changes for tonight, and warned that the pack was a lot like a Hostess Twinkie...with a cream filled center.

I got some sleep this afternoon...a nap really...about three hours worth. I guess I was too rested to get the serious winks...I enjoyed another restorative weekend.

I cooked up my home made Corned Beef. It's yummy if only slightly salty. I need to do some more research on timing the brine...I made an awesome Reuben Sandwich for lunch.

I made some progress on my tech housekeeping,did a load of wash, and enjoyed the first Formula One Race of the 2010 Season. I did my grocery shopping in town, I blew off my Reno shopping excursion...Reno will be there tomorrow...or next week.

Next week I travel to the Ancestral Digs, and I can do the Reno-Style shopping along the way.

I feel another nap coming on...more tomorrow.

Hey! Tomorrow is St Patrick's Day! Enjoy it...and be careful out there!

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