Sunday, September 2, 2012

Just Wow!

Spa-Francorchamps did not disappoint! I won't make any spoilers this morning because you can see the rebroadcast on SpeedTV tonight at 9:30PM PDT.

Breathless is the only word to describe Kimi Räikkönen's pass of Michael Schumacher in Eau Rouge!

The action at Spa is so fast, so fluid...sinuous speed that you almost feel on TV...just wow!

The weather was clear and sunny, so the helicopter shots were just beautiful...stunning!

Watching Belgian racing legend Jacky Icks interview the three podium finishers was very cool. Icks never won the F1 Driver's title, but did win eight grands prix, with 25 podiums, and won the overall at the 24 Hours of Le Mans six times...

I'm not giving away too much when I note that there were three World Champions on today's podium!

Another vary fast, very fabled track next weekend, Monza and the Italian Grand Prix. The fans will be wild, Ferrari's Fernando Alonso leads the championship chase, so you can expect the Tifosi to provide their iconic flavor and fervor to the proceedings.

Tifosi: Italian for fans, refers to fans of soccer clubs generically, but it's become shorthand for F1 fans of Scuderia Ferrari in particular...Team Ferrari.

I've got time for a nap before the Giants at Cubs game, there's an IndyCar race from Baltimore today too.  I spaced out Saturday night's Burn from the Black Rock Desert...Burningman's big finale.

When I tuned into the LIVE stream, only the smoke remained...I thought I recognized an RV cum Pirate Ship that I saw disabled off the side of eastbound Interstate 80 in Colfax when I drove up the hill last Friday...I'm glad they made it!

The stream was lovely as I scratched out this post. Sunrise over The Playa was nice, but it did look pretty cold...not much skin in evidence...mostly parkas and blankets...and the requisite hordes of bicycles

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