Saturday, September 1, 2012


Slack tides are when you make lunch and wait for the tide to start moving again.

Slackers are the chronically unmotivated...

I feel like a slacker today...I'm tired, but I did make a little headway on my GPS antenna project.

I stayed up Friday night to stream P3 from Spa-Francorchamps at 2AM...

As forecast, there were streams of rainwater flowing across the track everywhere. Nothing to see here...move along...nothing remotely slack about the blustery winds in the Ardennes forest either...

So, staying up late for nothing kept me from staying awake when the alarm woke me for Qualifying. Thanks DVR for picking up my slack!

I watched Qualifying after watching my San Francisco Giants beat the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field Saturday morning (10AM PDT) A very satisfying game for Giants' fans.

Troubled Giants' starter Tim Lincecum pitched a good quality start, and notched the win, behind good hitting up and down the batting order. The Giants would be World Beaters if they hit at home like they do on the road!

We're having this weird weather here in the Inland Valley...I made Crookneck Squash Soup for dinner Friday night after the overcast didn't burn off at all. I did errands in the hot, sunny end of the Valley and the best it could do was 70°F at 5PM! Two weeks ago we were having triple digit highs!

So I should get plenty of sleep before the Belgian Grand Prix airs at 0430 PDT Sunday morning. Shouldn't be any trouble staying awake either...with two soaking wet rounds of practice, and only one dry session, the teams didn't gather enough data on the tires and setups to make informed choices or strategies for race day.

All the rain washed all the rubber off of the track, so the track will be changing plenty as the race evolves. Spa-Francorchamps always provides good racing and thrills a-plenty, and I don't see why tomorrow should be any different.

I'll post an after action report Sunday...but not until the 11AM Giants game ends...think early afternoon.

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