Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Week

The doping problem that surfaced with my San Francisco Giants when 2012 All Star Game MVP, Melky Cabrera (and Giants' Left Fielder) tested positive for testosterone and incurred a 50 game suspension from Major League Baseball really deflated my balloon.

Melky totally lit up opposing pitchers across the League. Not coincidentally, he lit up the fans and AT&T Park.

A bunch of fans became The Meklmen and dressed up as Old-Timey Milkmen and carried on throughout the Park and across the league. Before long, a couple of comely lasses showed up as the MelkMaids. TV spots, Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts followed, and a festive time was had by all...great fun, really (like San Francisco needs an excuse for a Dress-Up Party) More MelkMaids and new outfits in Orange gingham...

All that went up in flames, Melky...Dope...

It seems like just days after Melky betrayed the fans (or as Melky said accepting his All Star MVP Award, "Thank you the Fang"), the Giants began to suffer a lot of strained hamstrings.

Pablo Sandoval (The Panda) was first, then Buster Posey...couple this with some losses, it was a little much.

After a day off Monday, the Giants were on the road at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas. Despite a highlight reel catch by the Panda and shortstop Brandon Crawford, the Giants trailed the Astros 2-1 when they came up to bat in the 9th.

A Brandon Belt single, a pinch hit double by Joaquin Arias and another single by catcher Héctor Sánchez won the game 3-2. A wild one, but more importantly, the Dodgers lost and the Giants extend their lead to 3.5 games ahead of the Dodgers.

So now I find myself watching Hurricane Issac come ashore near New Orleans. Let's hope it turns out better than Katrina did seven years ago today.

Closer to home, Red Flag Warnings are up all around the Tahoe Sierra...please be careful everybody!

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