Saturday, September 8, 2012

Good Things

...are ahead for yours truly. Next week is Air Race Week up in Reno.

I was surfing some Air Racing Bulletin Boards Thursday night and I see one of my All-Time Favorite Unlimited Class aircraft is coming back to Reno in new and improved shape.

"Precious Metal" a P51-XR is just a little different that your run of the mill P51-D. Precious Metal runs the Rolls-Royce Griffon V-12 engine turning a Shack counter-rotating dual propeller. These props make an amazing sound.

Precious Metal in front of Strega
Tsunami was another highly modified Griffon-Shack P51, it was the first such ship I ever saw race at Reno. Sadly, Tsunami was lost crossing the country a few years back.

It's been two years now since I've seen the Unlimited Gold Race on Sunday, and I am more than ready to hear the Sound of Freedom in the Valley of Speed!

Alex Zanardi Update:
I watched the live text updates from Brands Hatch Friday morning where the Paralympics staged the Men's H4 Road Race. Zanardi was in the mid-pack at the end of the first of eight laps around the fabled British Racetrack. By lap three he was in the lead before falling to 8th place mid-race. Alex rallied, and was in the bunch sprint at the finish, and won the Gold by one second! The race ran a few seconds over Two Hours.

Gonna cut it short today, SturgeUrge and I are fishing San Francisco Bay Saturday at the crack of dawn, to catch the early tide in pursuit of King Salmon and Halibut.

Thanks for reading.

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