Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day

BBQ, picnics, Bay Bridge Closures (Not this year, a first in three years if memory serves) Concerts in the park. All these thing make up the great collage of Labor Day Weekend.

Oh yeah, and Back to School Sales end...

In the Ski Industry, Labor Day is the Starting Line for the Winter Prediction Olympics.

I got to thinking about this while lazing in bed Labor Day morning. My Mom has asked a couple of times in the last few weeks about the Winter Predictions, and I always replied "After Labor Day at the earliest, more likely they'll start coming after the Autumnal Equanox"

Well, here's Tahoe Weather Discussion makin' a liar outta me...dated August 21, 2012! is my Go-To Tahoe Weather Blog. Just techy-geeky enough for my tech/geek tastes, he's dedicated, has a good network behind him and he's usually spot-on.

He was really good at longer range trend forecasts last winter, nailing every three week outlook he posted.

Next week I make my annual pilgrimage to The Valley of Speed for the 49th National Championship Air Races, when traditionally is see the first glimpse of Autumnal Light and start thinking about the coming winter.

After last year's Jimmy Leeward tragedy, and the wicked winds in 2011 that forced cancellation of Sunday's Gold Race, it'll be good to see this year's races go off without a hitch, like all those years before did.

I'll do some networking when I'm up the hill, and start working out my own prediction for Winter 2012-2013 after some more data comes in...think post-equinox...

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