Sunday, April 22, 2012


Late again...sorry...

I got caught up...really. Just as I was about to put my head on the pillow, I noticed that LiveUpdateGuy was going to cover the last Spring Classic before Grand Tour Season begins for real with the Giro d'Italia.

Liège–Bastogne–Liège, "La Doyenne" (The Oldest) is the last of the Spring Classics in Belgium's Ardennes...I even ran a Fantasy Team for the event. I started following the race about 45Km from the finish.

It got so hot during the day Saturday, that it took me until almost 1AM to cool my room enough to sleep I logged onto the chat and read along as events started raining on the course as the riders were making the last steep climbs.

My eyelids finally got heavy and I konked out, but the alarm clock roused me at 4:30, but I fell back asleep during the F1 pre-race show. I woke up about seven laps into the 57 lap race. I didn't have any trouble staying awake, it was a great race, with uncertainty aplenty, high tire wear, and passing on the track from front to back!

After three rounds of trouble in a the new 2012 uncompetitive car, my guy finally won. That makes it four different winners, from four different constructors, in the first four races.

In the twelve hours since the checkered flag waved, there's been no reports of violent civil unrest in Bahrain.

Today's big Nor'easter started pounding the Northeast, washing out the SF Giants/NY Mets game, so I watched the re-air of the Bahrain GP Pre-Race and the first laps that I slept through, before tuning in and ignoring the final 40-something laps of the NASCAR race from Kansas...Boring...

The Giants/Mets stage their Make-Up Doubleheader Monday, and our mini-heatwave is forecast to abate...TeamCorduroyPlanet, my fantasy bicycle racing team finished 43rd out of 48 teams in La nine man team finished in 9th, 15th and 16th...

I'm goin' to bed now...

Monday 12:28AM Update

That didn't last long...Reports out of Bahrain cite violence and Foreign Journalists detained.

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