Thursday, April 26, 2012

More Fireball Fallout

That didn't take long! Pieces of Sunday morning's meteor have been found in California's Mother Lode.

It seems like I spent more time looking for the story than it took for the meteorite hunters to find the meteorites!

This one frustrated me 'cause it reported the finds, but not the locations. These deals drive me those braggadocious Fishing Reports that talk about what good luck and what great a fisherman the report's writer is, but leaves out the location of the catching!

Ha! There's a human angle too...Behold the tweets of the Sacramento CBS station's reporter, @mariaCBS13 :
"We found the meteorite hunter who found the first meteorite from Sunday's sky spectacle! More on at 6 and 10pm! "

@mariaCBS13 :
"Oh, and ladies -- the meteorite hunter looks just like brad pitt. Watch at 6 and tell me if you agree!"

It's so refreshing when TV Station Brass let the troops have a little free reign! Yes, Talking Heads are People too... To my eyes, the on-screen talent at Channel 13 seem like "just regular folks" when compared to the other news outlets in the Sacramento ease, relaxed, human.

Clearly, not all astronomy is a nightime, dark sky endevor...which brings me to Solar Astronomy.

The Sun has been on my mind a little more than usual of late, there's an eclipse coming up on May 20th. An Annular Eclipse that will obscure 96% of the Solar Disc, and it's path of totality comes right over Truckee!

I'm taking a break from the keyboard now to watch NOVA on PBS. Tonight's new episode is "Secrets of the Sun" Perfect...

Impressive show...pushing the catastrophic CME crashing the Power Grid possibility...beautiful images and video....but not a word on how the Sun has been so quiet this cycle. The quietest it's been in 100 years...

Stay tuned...

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