Saturday, April 28, 2012

Battleship Of Presidents

The Missouri Class  Iowa Class WW2 battleship, USS Iowa showed up in my Facebook News Feed Friday morning. The USS Missouri was one of four Iowa Class battleships built of the six planned.

My favorite TrainwreckNews was doing live remotes all morning from the Iowa...of course I didn't see them live, COMCAST only feeds one Sacramento station to the Inland Valley.

The Iowa is still berthed in Richmond Harbor getting a new paint job, and general maintenance before she's towed down to Long Beach to become a floating museum.

You can get a taste of the ship from GoodDaySacramento's clips Here and Here.

The Iowa is open weekends 10AM-4PM in Richmond for two more weekends before she ships out May 20th.

I had planned to watch them move the Iowa, but May 20th is when the annular eclipse happens, and I plan to be in Truckee when the Path of Totality crosses over!

I better get my butt down to Richmond post haste!

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