Saturday, March 3, 2012

Was That


Why yes! After lunch I dug out the car and finished clearing my side of the driveway. Even though the snowblower does the lion's share of the heavy lifting, I still raised a good sweat...It felt like it was 70°F out there...thank God the champagne powder was still light as a feather! The forecast winds must have sneaked thru while I was getting my beauty sleep, because the only real work was shoveling the layer deposited by the snowblower on top of the deep dry drifts atop the car...

I put the car back in my parking spot, and trundled back down to the DaveCave for some re-hydration...After a few minutes, I grabbed the new billfold and headed out to the Post Office and grocery store.

At the Safeway's Customer Service Counter, I inquired again if "anyone turned in a camo wallet?" Again, no...I paid for my bag of groceries and left.

The Post Office Box held my replacement Credit Card...Oh Joy! I zoomed home and fired up the laptop. When my desktop rendered, Carbonite's notification window materialized, reminding me that my automatic renewal had been stymied by my Invalid Credit Card.

My cell reception was especially horrid this afternoon...the sliding hoards tweeting the Hero Snow Powder Orgy and posting Twitpics by the thousands, no sounded like a windy day thru the earpiece, but it was still as a funeral out. The noise wouldn't let me activate the new CC via the automated self serve system, so I went out to the front porch while I waited for the human CS Rep to pick up...shorts, no shoes, no shirt. The front porch was already dry and warm. The human breezed me thru the process, and I fed the new CC# into Carbonite's dropdown a minute, Carbonite began backing up the 79 new files since the automatic renewal failed Tuesday. 77 of those files were photos...

That's a relief! This is the first time I've been without Carbonite since my major laptop crash in July, and Carbonite restore in September. I have a couple of new applications that I've been holding off installing lest they crash my system in my naked state.

At 2PM I saw the first tweet about the heavy eastbound traffic heading out early to beat the rush to the mountains. I shut the browser and turned off the lights and headed to Reno.

I paid $3.89/gal at COSTCO Gas, touched bases with COSTCO Customer Service to make sure my lost COSTCO Card wouldn't be an ID Theft issue, and that the 1997 card in my desk drawer was still good to go...Thanks COSTCO CS!

I guess I'm living right. I left downtown Reno right at 5PM. The Sun was low over the mountains, so visibility was compromised in a big way, which was exacerbated by the eternal highway construction on I-80 thru Reno. Arriving home around 5:30PM, I settled in and launched the laptop. Twitter blew up around 6:30...seems there was a 12 car pileup on WB I-80 at 6:05...Damn, that's all I need! I really am living a charmed life...despite the hiccups... WooHoo!

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