Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Matter Of Perspective

It's raining on the Daytona 500 this morning...a nice drenching rain that's stretching the FoxTV producers bag of tricks a little thin...

NASCAR apparently discovered Twitter during their off season (or more likely FoxTV discovered Twitter recently)...So the pit reporters are making the rounds of the motorhomes and haulers, interviewing the drivers to pass the time. At least one Twitter question for each interview so far.

Kevin Harvick #29 Chevrolet, Tweeted a TwitPic of a box of diapers...awww... Kevin talked about being a new parent, they sold their race teams to concentrate on parenting, and had The Dog Whisperer in to help with their dog.

I seem to remember that the Harvick's dog lived in their wonder it copped an attitude...Harvicks' huge country estate, and the dog's relegated to the garage?

I continued wandering the web:
Here's a different kind of weather story...too much snow last year impacting Lake Tahoe.

Sounds like NDOW needs a snowcat, I've ridden my mountain bike up to Marlette Lake a couple of times, and the trail is a popular cross country ski destination. A milk run for a groomer!

I found these amazing photos on Photojojo!'s Tumblr. see them all here. Talk about a large canvas!

I know I'm all over the place today, but can't a man have as many perspectives as he wants?

No Spring Training stream today, but Twitter has been crackling with SF Giants News from Scottsdale. Buster Posey catching Matt Cain...Lots of fireworks during Live batting Practice...Matt Cain hit by a Héctor Sánchez comebacker...Pablo Sandoval drilled by LHP Jeremy Affeldt...and again on the shoulder both are fine.

Afterwards Affeldt quipped: "We don't need to be dropping our 3-hole hitter on the first day." Brandon Crawford hitting it hard, Posey crushed a couple of Sergio Romo pitches.

Willie Mays in the clubhouse today. Legacy Giants, JT Snow and Jeff Kent on the field, Will the Thrill in da house!

T minus 2 Hours and Counting:
Daytona rain delay now at three hours...10+ jet dryers on the track between storm cells. Rain has stopped...Twitter tweets on...It's 4:05PM in Daytona...they have lights...should get it in tonight...

Time to make lunch...Bakesale Betty's Fried Chicken Sandwich...

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