Sunday, February 26, 2012

Things Are Lookin' Up

Remember this?

That was on the Local Fishwrap's Facebook Page Thursday.

Same scene Friday...I took the photo Saturday afternoon...right after I lost my wallet at the grocery store...however I wouldn't know my wallet had escaped for another 5-10 minutes when I was putting away the bag of groceries and discovered the gaping hole through which the billfold surely escaped...

Upon further inspection, my wallet must have been named Houdini to escape through this hole...a damn perfect storm...or escape act...

It's frustrating that a glass half full guy would come home with half a sack of groceries that's fully empty wallet wise...

As it happens, there were three Debit Cards and two Credit Cards in the billfold. Thankfully everyone who I talked to at the banks' Customer Service phone banks were helpful, understanding, and spoke in understandable accents.

Of course I'll have to get a new Drivers License now. It looks like yours truly will be doing the "New Air Jordans Camp-Out" early at DMV Monday morning. The website let me make an appointment at their earliest convenience,Tuesday afternoon!

Before I turned in for the night, I surfed the web for the day's news. Tom Stienstra's story about Tahoe Basin Bear Trouble in today's San Francisco Chronicle really put my lost wallet into sharp focus as a puny problem in the Big Picture compared to the plight of the local bruins.

With hungry bears emerging early from their hibernation, a small war amongst Incline Village residents has been brewing over Nevada Department of Wildlife's efforts to capture a problem bear in their neighborhood.

Alas, it's gonna shake out as a bad spring for basin bears...

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