Sunday, March 4, 2012

Information Overload

It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Truckee. It's forecast to reach nearly 60F this afternoon. I tell ya, it feels like the 70s on the front porch once the sun moves around to the west side of the DaveCave.

I didn't have anything to say last night, so here I am 8+ hours late to scratch out a screed.

The truth is I'm a little lost wallet made a lot more stress than I needed at this time.

I got a good night's sleep and got up in time to listen to Farmer Fred Hoffman's Garden Talk Shows this morning.

Sunday's second Cactus League game for the San Francisco Giants is streaming on from Scottsdale, AZ...while I've got NASCAR racing from Phoenix on the tube with the sound off.

This is weird! The Giants-Diamondbacks game is being delayed by...a swarm of the Giants Announcers are calling the play by play of the stadium maintenance crews, who they described as looking like something out of "Ghostbusters", as they try to rid the stadium of the huge swarm...confusion reigns as the D-Backs players take to the field...except for the guys on the right field side where the swarm action is!

The delay is almost 20 minutes now, and the swarm is now in the Giants' dugout! The play by play is fascinating! None of these guys has a clue about bee swarms. I made a plea via Twitter for some no avail...

Now 40 minutes...still no beekeeper on site...OMG! 41 minutes in, and the game resumes with the swarm still hanging in the Giants' dugout!

I heard on the Trainwreck News this morning that sunset is after 5PM now...bee swarms are usually a springtime thing, though sometimes they will swarm later in summer if the hive outgrows it's home...

Speaking of information, my cloud-based backup vendor, is suddenly in the news...In the wake of Conservative talker Rush Limbaugh's unfortunate dissing of a Georgetown Law Student on his show, Carbonite has dropped his show as a sponsor...Carbonite was a major advertiser on Rush's show...

Now I listen to Rush from time to time, after being a regular listener a few years back. I don't really have a dog in this fight, but the Left has been looking to silence him for years...good luck with that...

What scares me about the whole kerfuffle is this...Seven Rush advertisers have dropped Rush now...and in reading about it, I found that the conservatives who love Rush are mounting a counterattack to those advertisers who dropped Rush...

One account I read cited Carbonite's financials...they've never made a dime since they fact they've lost millions a year since they went live.

From their most recent quarterly filing with the SEC:

"We experienced net losses of $17.4 million for 2008, $19.2 million for 2009, $25.8 million for 2010, and $17.4 million for the nine months ended September 30, 2011, respectively, and have an accumulated deficit of $94.3 million as of September 30, 2011."

Doing the math, that's $156.7 million down the drain! I fear if the Conservative Social Media folks can mount a campaign half as effective as the DumpRush forces, Carbonite might go down the drain with all my cherished photos and files! Carbonite has shareholders, they'll have a say if the stock starts tanking!

No wonder I'm burnt out! I fear I need a new apolitical backup service...ASAP...

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