Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hazy Daze

I'm still in a haze I guess... 

Big winds all night, they even blew my DSL offline for a few minutes! 

A little bit of snow whitened up the neighborhood in the morning. 

News of another avalanche victim in the Tahoe Sierra broke via Twitter over the weekend and made the local press on Monday. Poaching doesn't pay...

One of my favorite Rock n' Roll guitarists, Ronnie Montrose passed away Saturday . RIP Ronnie... Ronnie's 1978 "Open Fire" album has what I consider to be the best version of "Town Without Pity" ever recorded. YouTube has a good version from Midnight Special in 1978, and a 1991 show.

On life's lighter side, The Giants are at Spring Training and walloped the LA Dodgers today. This game was not on TV or radio. 

Monday's game was on television, and it was great to hear Giants' golden throated announcers, Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper doing play-by-play again. For my money, they're the best announcing team the Giants have had in my lifetime...that includes Hall Of Famers, Russ Hodges and Lon Simmons (who called the Giants when they went to their first World Series as the San Francisco Giants in 1962

In spring training, the score isn't important. Pitchers usually pitch 30 or less pitches, and games are nine innings...even if the score is tied. The idea is to get everyone, returning stars and prospects alike some playing time in a game situation...without hurting anyone.

In the morning I'll shovel the driveway yet again. I may churn up a batch of ice cream while the driveway melts...

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