Friday, March 9, 2012

I Scream, You Scream

My apologies Ice Cream Lovers, I wrote last night about homemade ice cream and didn't even provide the recipes!

While recipes are mostly beyond the scope of CorduroyPlanet, here's what I'm making. These recipes come from the new ice cream cookbook, "Ice Cream Happy Hour"

Tonight, I'm making "Rocky Road With Crème de Cacao" because I love Rocky Road, and "Ginger With Dark Rum" which the cookbook touts as a "Dark and Stormy cocktail-inspired treat"

Perhaps ironically, I've got a little case of "cold feet"'s been at least 15 years since I last scalded milk and cream, I'm sad to admit! Back in the mid-90s, I hosted a modest Ice Cream Social every Memorial Day to pump-up the Indy 500 viewing a little. In light of my trepidation, I spent a few minutes reviewing the scalding process in my 1976 "Joy Of Cooking" Know Your Ingredients chapter.

Oh, "Ice Cream Happy Hour" has a tutorial on making the custard  which says: "Continue heating until the mixture is steamy and makes a slight sizzling sound when you move the pan. This is called scalding."

Now I'm a German Engineer's Kid...the empirical kind...and I have a measurable hearing impairment, thanks to years of carpentry and running snowcats without the benefit of hearing protection, so I'm thankful to Ms Irma S Rombauer (she the Queen of Joy Of Cooking) for her visual clues method vis a vis scalding: "In practice, we rely on the age-old visual test for scalding, and in this book milk is scalded when tiny bubbles form around the edge of the pan, and the milk reaches around 180°."

So I have a big evening planned tonight...chopping, blanching, melting, scalding, steeping, separating, whisking, tempering, adding, spiking and chilling. I've been making extra ice cubes for a couple of days, getting ready to churn my new treats.

Tomorrow I churn! If you chill the ice cream custard for at least eight hours before you churn, the ice cream will turn out much creamier than if you rush things.

Extra creaminess without extra cream? Count me in! Taste tests and recipe reviews tomorrow!


  1. I've gone with the simple method, milk, half and half, fruit al put into the blendah and then processed in the churner. Wish I had one of them fancy new ones. At least I've gone beyond the hand churners.

    Ahhh the fond memories of a picnic with a hoard of children.

    I have seen a rhubarb sherbet recipe. Wouldn't that be a tasty palate cleanser with a pork and apple dish?

    I, myself made some chocolate, chocolate, chocolate cupcakes and a bebe gateau. Yum!

  2. Gotta link for the rhubarb sherbert?

    See any Northern Lights last night?

    AR1429 kicked out another big M6 class CME. Direct hit to Earth early on the 11th