Saturday, February 11, 2012


You can take the groomer outta the tractor, but you can't take the weathergeek outta the groomer I guess.

I awoke after my afternoon nap (it is Body Clock resetting time after all) and turned on the TV news. They said showers were coming...a quick click to's webcams told the story.

Wet roads in the foothills, Blue Canyon had rain (hence no TV reporters doing remotes) Sunshine from Donner Summit to the State Line.

It's almost 1AM and the precip never got here...or much past Blue Canyon for that matter...

I had a fine old day watching C-Span. They had extensive coverage of CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington DC. The three leading GOP candidates speechified, along with pundits galore. Fully half of the attendees are under 25 years old.

After the late news, I saw MTV's Kurt Loder on a late night chat show. I remember him from when MTV came to Truckee in 1988. He looks old...what the hell? I'm old now too!

24 years have past...does MTV have any M on it anymore? I gave up on MTV when it became all game shows and reality shows back in the 90s...

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  1. Nothing happens unless first a dream. Carl Sandberg wrote that.

    I dream and think all the time. Sometimes I write, but, I never have had the urge to write on the scale that you have done over the years.

    Congratulations and admirations on your information sharing skills! Blog away! Even though my opinion and yours diverge along the way may we always meet up to share them.