Sunday, February 5, 2012

National Holiday

Yup, it's Super Bowl Sunday, and I'm tardy with today's screed...forgive me, I had Saturday night off due to the Austerity Regime on My Mountain. I stayed up until almost 4AM before a nap turned into bedtime. By the time I woke up, the Super Bowl Pre-Game Show was just getting started! 10AM Pacific for a game that kicks off at 3:30PM? Bread and Circuses...I get it...

My original plan was to dash to Reno at 10AM, get stocked up on provisions, and be back at the DaveCave in time for kickoff...I slept through that bright idea...

Instead I'm savoring a pot of French Roast and looking over my mail and a new Lincoln Highway book that came in the mail this week. I'm not watching the pre-game...instead, I'm not watching FoxNews...

Thanks to "The Lincoln Highway-Utah", I've found another mile marker along the Lincoln Highway that's part of my personal connection with America's First Cross Country Highway.

In the Avenues District of Salt Lake City is my 7th Grade alma mater, Rowland Hall-St Marks School. The 1913 alignment turned left at the intersection of South Temple and State Street. Rowland Hall-St Marks occupied the city block one block east of said intersection.

Rowland Hall-St Marks is where the seed of my love of history was planted.

Looking at the school's website, I found a couple of interesting things:

They outgrew that city block in the Avenues in the 80's and moved to two new campuses in the south side of Salt Lake City.

One of my current favorite bicycle racers Levi Leipheimer is a Rowland Hall-St Marks alumnus!

One block north of the turn, is my 6th grade school, Lafayette Elementary. It was at Lafayette Elementary that I saw JFK's motorcade drive by in 1963, and heard the news of his assassination.

Damn, where did the time go? The teams are taking the field to the sounds of hard rock n' roll...I'm enjoying a bloody mary, and the BBQ is warming up...I haven't hit the chips and dip yet...

As they say in Baseball: Play Ball!


  1. Didn't the Lincoln Highway go from Chicago to SF? Privately funded?
    I was watching a program and I saw in the background, a Lincoln Highway sign hanging on the wall.

    No National Holiday here. Wonder if they reshowed the Mac commercial in honor of Steve Jobs?

    Cooked a turkey and yum. That was my day.

    Perchance to snow later on in the week.

  2. Privately funded all the way from Times Square NY, NY, to Lincoln Park in San Francisco (Home of the Legion of Honor and it's Rodin Collection)