Friday, February 10, 2012

The 700

this would be the 700th time I've tapped out one of these screeds! That's a lot of hunting and know I am feeling a little peckish this afternoon.

I just fired up the snowblower for 15 minutes. It was warmish out, with some high overcast. Sacramento tallied a 70°F this afternoon. I blew the pile of snow where I park on the street. I'm gonna need the driveway space to work on the pickup. Save for the street-side edge, the pile of snow was soft as a Slurpee™ In a couple of days, even the muddy shoulder will be dry, provided the forecast is correct...the Reno NWS says "cloudy with a slight chance of snow showers" from Friday night thru next Wednesday...we'll see...I'm going to be on the road for a week, so all should be clear when I return.

While warm out for early February, I found an interesting global warming story from Britain's Guardian. I'm not surprised...the satellite data show zero warming of the sea surface temps since the last big Pacific El Niño in 1998.

Many true believers cite the loss of snow cover on Africa's Mt Kilimanjaro as "proof" of global warming...sorry, no. It's deforestation that's to blame. Cutting of forests for firewood has robbed Mt Kilimanjaro of the moisture that turned into snowfall.

Once the trees were chopped down, they no longer transpired the moisture that  was orographically lifted and then fell as snow.

I didn't need any excuse to post this awesome video taken from the International Space Station...then it occured to me that each of these brightly lit cities are where the official thermometers live. These are the instruments that provide the temperature records that show warming temps worldwide...Urban Heat Island much?

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  1. Is tree cutting the case in Patagonia, North America and at the poles where glaciers and snow pack have been receeding at unprecedented rates?

    Your view of science is skewed. Some climatological studies have been going back thirty or more years, before the "global warming" term was attached to the event.

    You're wrong on this one. Keep to the Lincoln Highway, it's more your speed.

    As for the right wing youngsters. Take away there electronic leashes and lets see where they stand? They wouldn't be able to write a proper sentence. Could they even chew bubblegum?