Saturday, February 4, 2012

Called On Account Of Snow!

Europe is getting slammed with a ferocious winter chill and heavy snow.

Ferrari cancelled the debut of their 2012 Formula One race cars Friday due to heavy snowfall at its Maranello HQ. Ferrari released photos instead.

Ferrari F2012
On My Mountain, we worked overtime to open our final peak. Two hours of overtime...there goes the New Austerity Regime...

We did it with snowmaking and winch cats. Reno NWS released a photo.

Before the late finish, we did two quality rebuilds. Three hours of burying rocks, while putting off the exposed peak where the northeast wind was scouring anything loose...

Yeah, Conservation Mode...

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  1. Wicked! That's on the bucket list for sure!

    Europe needs the precip as do we all. Guess Denver and Colorado are being dumped on also. Maybe if you get off of your job early you could go get a temp job where the snow is?

    Be the chance to see Europe?