Friday, February 3, 2012

Sleep Tight

I gave a lot of thought to my Reno provisioning trip before I postponed it 'till Monday. COSTCO and WINCO will be downright sedate after the pre-Super Bowl shopping frenzy...I was curious to see how many new big screen TVs were going through check out. The new labor regime at My Mountain gives me a four day weekend, so I can spend one doing all my errands.

I don't remember seeing the Noon News today, I tuned in the TV a minute before noon...and I woke up at 9:30PM. I feel well rested...I guess I needed the winks more than I needed the aggravation of midweek errands.

Last night's shift was a good one...darn near Hero Snow...the remote sensors say more of the same hasn't been over 32°F in 48 hours.

I'm off to enjoy it in thirty minutes!

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