Sunday, February 12, 2012

NHRA to the Rescue

Careful what you wish for! Only yesterday in this space, I lamented the lack of "M" on MTV...

Today I awoke from my afternoon nap, and my twitter timeline was alive with RIP Whitney Houston sad...

@mtvnews says: "Join us for an hour-long music video tribute to Whitney Houston, tonight at 11:30pm on . "

Sadly there will be some "M" on MTV tonight after all...

I logged off Twitter and surfed around the channels for some distraction, and found motorsports! NHRA Qualifying from Pomona, ancestral home of drag racing!

There's a new Force in town. John Force's youngest daughter Courtney, 23 is running a funnycar for Dad's team. Big sister Ashley Force-Hood retired from competition on January 28, 2012. She's president of John Force Entertainment, a subsidiary of John Force Racing.

It feels kinda like baseball's Spring Training...a new beginning...hope springs eternal...

One week until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training, two weeks until NASCAR's Daytona 500, five weeks 'til F1's Australian Grand Prix.

Jeez, it figures...persistent afternoon rain showers force the cancellation of the final round of qualifying at Pomona.


  1. NHRA use to be at Riverside and Long Beach, also at Fremont. Oh what fun to smell the nitro! Now, that's working it baby. Population and "clean industry" were the death knell of those tracks.

    It sure was cool to watch the jet dragster at nighttime. Zoom it did.

  2. Damn, I got caught up.

    I watched the Grammys with the family, and totally missed Final Eliminations.

    Worth it!

    Beach Boys Reunion...including Brian Wilson on stage. Those old coots can still charm a harmony out of a tree!

    Great new Paul McCartney tune, and awesome tribute to Whitney by Jennifer Hudson...gave me Chicken Skin...

  3. Never much a fan of the BBoyz. Even when I sing the Bodyguard song in the shower I give myself chills. One helluva song and one helluva deliverer. What a tragedy of the spirit???