Sunday, November 6, 2011

Making A Liar Outta Me?

Did Mother Nature make a liar of me?

Well, Boreal did turn their fans and guns off for a while Saturday...and Friday I wrote: "Things are looking good going forward...the forecast says they could go full bore/nonstop until Monday afternoon!"

Well, Boreal graciously turned off their system for their guests today, but a mile south as the crow flies, Sugar Bowl's fans have been blowing around the clock for almost 48 hours...with no end in sight!

I just perused the Reno forecast and AFD. Aside from some more lollygagging by the incoming moisture associated with this cold front, the Big Picture hasn't changed. Snowmaking weather continues around the clock until Monday afternoon. Oh, and the precip amount turns out to be less than the models predicted...whatta surprise...yeah, right...La Niña...remember?

I thought so...


  1. There's a beeg thingy out in the pacific making the tropical air go south and the cold air slip down into the mid west. Once that thingy dissipates, look out!

    Looks to be a crawler coming down the east side later in the week. Let's see if it has enough umpf to deliver to the lower end of it all.

    The Almanac sez cold and mild snow for the winter. That translates into brrr and valley fog.

  2. It's the weather after all. What better job to have than predicting it? Remember "Pete's Kidding"?