Saturday, November 5, 2011

Around The Clock

Snowmaking is heating up! The temps have been staying cold in the wake of the cold front that passed over the Tahoe Sierra Thursday evening. It wasn't long after the frontal band swept through that Boreal had their fans and guns lending Mother Nature a hand.

I've been looking in every couple of hours via Boreal's webcam, and Boreal's kept them blowing all day Friday, and into Saturday morning. Every once in a while I'd see a grooming machine working in the frame. I looked at the nearest remote sensor station...behold!

Tale of the Temps
Now at 2:17AM Saturday morning, Boreal has been making snow for more than 24 hours non-stop. This is the first 'round the clock snowmaking session I've seen this season. More natural snow will blow into the region Saturday evening.

Things are looking good going forward...the forecast says they could go full bore/nonstop until Monday afternoon!

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  1. How much money and water does it take to make snow? Probably for a place like B it's cost efficient and worth it. Must have their own mix of chemicals to create the "perfect" shred?

    Too much work.