Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bounty From The Bay

Tonight we enjoyed another Classic San Francisco Treat. Steamed Dungeness Crab with sourdough bread and a California wine...made all the more special by the this case family.

Dinner was served in the dining room because we all wouldn't fit at the kitchen table. Your humble crab pot puller was joined by the Siskiyou Wing of the family, Sister K and her Hubby, and our Mom. The Siskiyou Wing contributed a Thai Hot and Sour Soup with coconut milk and a nice Pinot Grigio to join the Blanc de Noir and Chardonney.

The conversation was warm, the crab sweet and nutty, and the weather the bubbly. We tried to decide when we'd celebrate Thanksgiving. With all the families in the family now, picking when to holiday gets a little complicated...logistically speaking. As the hold-out single guy (and Thanksgiving Chef) it's only the weather that informs my availability.

I've been keeping a close eye on the remote sensors and webcams that confirmed the warming trend the NWS forecasters touted as they walked back the latest cold front's precipitation content and arrival time.

I hate to sound like a stuck record, but each of these Fall Systems is thumbing it's nose at the Forecast Models...arriving later than the models predict, and coming in at less than advertized strength. It may be a little premature to call a let's say it's trending towards a trend.

I'm liking my 75%-85% of average precipitation call for the Winter more with each storm. It will definitely be colder than average...take that to the bank.

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  1. Wish I was around that table. Yum!