Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lost In Spaces

My zeal for knowledge of ROSAT's final resting places is becoming tempered as time passes. @ROSAT_Reentry is still tweeting about three more hunks of Space Junk that are reentering in the next few days!

OK, in the past hour @ROSAT_Reentry says two of the three have now reentered. These are Rocket Boosters, not dense or heavy satellites, so very little debris if any should make it back to Earth's surface.

Since Tuesday, I've been keeping an eye on Boreal's webcam because they announced that snowmaking would begin and a day or so later, that they would open Friday.

Regular readers know I was skeptical...based on my frequent viewing of the webcam images. Thursday evening, and again Friday morning, Sacramento's Local News Broadcasts featured video or LIVE remotes from Boreal touting the 3PM Friday opening. Boreal will turn one lift until 8PM.

I expect to see LIVE Remotes from Sacramento and Reno TV Stations tonight.

A funny thing happened after lunch today...Boreal moved their webcam a little to the east revealing their Nugget Double Chair. I definitely felt like I fell for their head fake.

The webcam view until today was of the top-to-bottom snowmaking line with top-to-bottom flood lighting, leading me to think they would open their mid length Castle Peak Quad Chair. I figured given the short hours of snowmaking temps, that they wouldn't have their top-to-bottom Accelerator Quad Chair in time for this weekend... OK, reel me in now...

I looked in at 3PM and a crowd was forming, by 4PM it was a big crowd for a small patch of snow!  I looked at the nearest PWS, the Central Sierra Snowlab. The Snowlab is on the other side of the ridge from Boreal. Boreal's on the North side the Snowlab is on the South side in Soda Springs. Boreal will be cooler than the Lab most days because they're up in the Donner Pass Gap. The Lab was 54°F at 4PM. Boreal was probably 4°F-5°F cooler...still warm for a ski hill.

That's a crowd!
Boreal needs a good night of snowmaking temps to make enough snow to build the maze area for the Castle Peak Quad.

There's ski resorts opening this weekend from coast to coast, and Winter Storm Warnings are up for much of the Northeast...I'll update those after Game 7 of the World Series...Play Ball!

There's nothing like World Series Game Seven! Congratulations St Louis!

Today my twitter stream came alive with news of Ski Resorts around the country opening this weekend...

Sunday River in Maine opens Saturday.
Killington and Mount Snow in Vermont Saturday
Wolf Creek in Colorado Saturday
Colorado's Loveland and Arapahoe Basin are already turning some lifts.

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  1. I wonder how many peoplez are gonna be able to reach Killington, VT.?

    The infrastructure, like roads and bridges, was highly impacted by Tropical Depression Irene. Wow, is all I gotta say.

    Water sure pacKs some power, no matter what form it takes.

    Took a ride over to Sumpter, gold mine terroirtory. Western Larch has turned vibrant green to gold! Dots of them throughout the evergreen forest is so amazing!

    Willows, cottonwoods, ash, fruit trees and aspen are all taking suit with the color display as well.