Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Autumn's First Chill

A cold front came through Truckee this morning. It's not an Arctic Express or anything, but once the cloud deck exits and the Northeast Winds begin it will cool right down. I just watched the 5 O'Clock News from Sacramento, and Channel 13's Weatherman Dave Bender said the Truckee Airport would get down to 25°F overnight...that means mid-40s at the DaveCave.

Not one minute later, @borealmtn tweeted:"Keep an eye on the Boreal web cam. Should see the fan guns fire up around 10pm or so." I looked at Boreal's Webcam...a "baseline view" if you will...

Boreal has a phalanx of Fan Guns ready to blow snow tonight.
Boreal has six nights to get enough snow made to open on Halloween as is their tradition, but I have to believe thay'd really like to open Friday to maximize their ticket sales and coast-to-coast news coverage as the first California Ski Resort to open. (there's a couple of Colorado Ski Resorts already open with a trail or two on mandmade snow) Boreal has three nights to get it together for a Friday morning opening.

Here's another Tweeter...this one is a Skiing/Snowboarding Social Networking Conference held in Tahoe that I just started following last night, @snowcial get it? Snow+Social=Snowcial. They tweeted Heavenly's intention to begin snowmaking tomorrow. It seems thay want to sell me a ticket to their Convention worse than they want to network, or get social with C/P...I'll tweet 'em the addresses to all of C/P's web outposts.

I looked at the Reno AFD. Some widely scattered instability showers here and there tonight, but the pattern is dry for the next week anyway. I'm relieved that My Mountain won't begin snowmaking operations before November 15th.

9:45PM Update
Boreal got the fans and guns going tonight. Judging from the PWSs in the neighborhood, conditions are marginal, but thanks to the windtunnel effect of Donner Pass, the wet, warm air is just passing through.

Boreal at 9:45PM Webcam looks South, so right is West.Looks like a robust NE wind!
This will be fun to watch!

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