Friday, October 28, 2011

After Shocks

After Snarks are more like it!
This came through my twitter timeline this morning: @unofficialsquaw "We Are All Gonna Die | New Fault Found in Truckee, CA | Potential to go 6.9 Magnitude, Burst Dams, Flood Reno." I followed the link: "Tahoe Earthquake|New Fault Found in Truckee,CA-Are We All Gonna Die?"

Boys will be boys...I clicked on Boreal's webcam...they were shut down earlier than's hard to guage how productive their night was by the webcam image. I looked at a couple of nearby weather stations before I clicked over to the Reno NWS site. Winds down, temps up through the weekend.

Wow! Now that was a World Series game! We're gonna decide it in Game Seven! WooHoo!

I kept an eye on Boreal's webcam all through Game Six...the homers, the comeback innings, the heartbreaks...down to the last strike...twice! And still I refreshed every 10-20 minutes. At quarter to midnight, the temps are still way too warm to fire up.

The 11 O'Clock news said Boreal would open Friday...we'll see about that...

Friday 9:30AM Update
I caught a live remote from Boreal on GoodMorningSacramento this the time I got the mute off, the piece was over. Boreal's website says they open Friday afternoon at 3PM, and stay open until 8PM.
Watch for Boreal video on a local TV Newscast near you tonight.


  1. Who's playing? And why do you keep showing pics of Boringal's web cam? Put some shoes on and go for a ride.

    Rock n Roll

  2. Game Seven:
    Texas Rangers vs St Louis Cardinals
    7PM PDT Tonight

    This week Boreal makes themselves the story in the Sliding Business.