Friday, June 10, 2011

Makin' Hay

Wow! Two days in a row now...Big Ol' Sol has been burning bright and unimpeded by clouds here in the Inland Valley. As the sun was setting Wednesday, the SF Giants were rallying to win over the Washington DC Nationals. Ahh...Springtime!

After lunch, I headed out to pick up a few things from the Asian Grocery and COSTCO. It was a lovely afternoon, and I was torn between rolling with the window down or the A/C on. I compromised and ran Baja Rental Car Style...window down and the A/C on! This put a big smile on my face!

The lines at COSTCO Gas were long as always, but I was rewarded with my $3.79/gal prize. I orbited the warehouse parking lot for a while looking for a spot, and chalked it up to the "Lunch Rush"...I crossed the street and hit the Mexican Produce Market. The eggplants were big, beautiful and a were the cucumbers, and they had the ground habanero chili powder I need for the Cucumber/Lime/Chili Palatas.

Trader Joe's for a few staples, and the Asian Grocery for shitake mushrooms, pea pods, and baby bok choi. I swung back to COSTCO on my way out of town...orbited the parking lot long enough to realize that everybody and their uncle was out and about enjoying the sunshine...I punted and pointed it back towards the Ancestral Digs.

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  1. Wow is Mom spelled upside down...

    I've determined we live in an upside down world these daze. Even though the rain presents a gray front to the human eye, there are so many more advantages to having rain than naught. Morrel shrooms are one of them. Wish I was in Cali for the Chanterelles.

    '62 Days and the Truck and Tractor Pull are the events for JD this weekend.

    Me, Casablanca and so on,