Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kiss It Goodbye

I was watching the Giants' pregame show today. Another young lion is going on the Disabled List. Brandon Belt was hit by a pitch on his wrist in Tuesday's game with the St Louis Cardinals. Friday he had an MRI of the wrist and it showed a hairline fracture that didn't show on the x-rays.

I wasn't watching the TV per se, just listening while multitasking. What I heard next got my attention and I sat bolt upright and paid attention. The announcers said the Giants were calling up someone who's name I don't recall and that his nickname is: "The Weatherman"

Lemme just say that when I heard fhat my blood suddenly went ice cold. Haven't I suffered enough...winter without end...a spring-long string of injuries to my World Champion San Francisco Giants...and now the indignity of having a guy nicknamed "The Weatherman" added to the roster.

It seems the player is a Storm Chaser...while in the minor leagues, he'd spend his off days chasing tornadoes...sounds like a kindred spirit. Should he stay in the Majors, he won't have time to chase tornadoes. Baseball season overlaps all of Tornado season...welcome to the Big Leagues, Kid...

Now I was rattled...Talk about piling on! I've grown way too sensitive about this weather. I got up and headed for the kitchen.

I turned the radio and started getting dinner together. Sister K is in the house this weekend, Mom had mentioned earlier that it was like Soup Weather, and I was already started on a batch of Bakesale Betty's Fried Chicken Sandwiches.

I measured the flour, cayenne pepper, and kosher salt into a tub. I ground the white pepper into the breading tub, snapped the lid on and shook it well.

The game finally started 20 minutes or so late due to the heavy rains in the morning. I turned the TV in the family room on but left the sound off. I gathered the veggies for the coleslaw, the breadboard, and the tools for the prep work and settled down to listen to the game and make the signature coleslaw for Betty's sammies.

I chopped all the stuff and baked a sourdough Luigi loaf. I made yellow crookneck soup, and deep fried the chicken breast fillets that had been languishing in their buttermilk bath since yesterday. I plated everything and called out: Dinner's ready!

The Giants began to come from behind, but alas they came up short. Dinner was fun...Betty's are always a hit.

After dinner I retired to my room and tuned in the Giants' Post Game Wrapup and fired up the internet. There it was...atop my Tumblr feed, a scrap of photographic wizardry that sums up my lousy attitude perfectly. My face grew a wry smile and I felt the warmth returning to my bloodstream.

Submitted for your approval:

If these beauties were real, I'll bet I could sell a gross of them in Truckee in under a week!

I checked all the AFDs: Monterey, SFO, Sacramento, and Reno. The showers will linger through Sunday and move on Monday after which we'll enjoy a dry...but still cool week.

Goodbye Winter...and good riddance!


  1. It was a wet and wild Lundi for sure! Today was wonderous with an array of newly sprung plants, with flowers! The creeks are running high and the meadows will suck one down for sure.

    Reminded me of oysters. Yum!

    Saw some cat's brain mushrooms while out working in the forest.

    Interesting flow of it all.

  2. Doode! You are on the wrong side of the Bay! Go to the other side.