Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Finally! That's What I'm Talking About!

The sun began to shine a little after lunchtime here in the Inland Valley. It's a welcome change. I watched the Noon News from KCRA3 in Sacramento and the weather gal said the rain was over except for some possible thundershowers for the foothills and Sierra Tuesday afternoon.

After the news, I made myself lunch and after lunch I checked the internet to see if some garden stuff I ordered was going to be delivered anytime soon. While checking my email, I saw a new Tweet and clicked on Twitter to find this welcome gem from KCRA3's Mark Finan: 

"Time flies... Example.. Yesterday (67) was March. Today (77) is April. Tomorrow (82) is May. Thursday (87) is June"

Man, I hope he's right! I need some days of solar rays to recharge my soul.

After lunch was properly settled, I hit the Diggins for some sunshine. I started in the rose garden which has been in full bloom in defiance of the rain regime. Last time I took a close-up gaze at Dad's Roses was about three weeks ago. The rain hasn't been kind. I found Rose Black Spot on five roses that were clear three weeks ago. I spent an hour picking infected bits off the roses and put the refuse out for pickup tomorrow.

A look at last year's Rose Black Spot problem.
After the recycle truck comes Wednesday, I'll finish cleaning up the rose garden and apply my secret anti-fungal weapon, garlic spray.

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