Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feeling the Sun on My Skin

How excellent is it to feel the infrared rays coming from 93 million miles away? Warming my skin while futzing in the garden...making the breeze not matter...Celestial Summer is under two weeks away, and I'm beginning to believe that it will actually arrive...

When the sun went down, I made some chicken soup, which I consider to be a basic skill, before searching the internet for some Paleta recipes.

Paletas are Mexican Popsicles or Ice Cream Bars. Summer weather will be time to make some Cucumber/Lime/Chili Paletas, some Paleta de Durzazno con Miel (Peach/Honey) and maybe some Adult Beverage-Style Creamsicles.

A week or two of warm temperatures will bring tree-ripened stone fruits to my local Farmer's Markets. I am so ready for some of my Lumpy Peach Cobbler. Melons need some help from Ol' Sol too...I've been trying to buy a decent cantaloupe for a month now. I can't seem to find one with "creamy netting over creamy skin" to quote the late Greengrocer Joe Carcione.

I haven't even looked at a watermelon yet...I haven't seen any non-seedless varieties in the markets yet...Watermelon Seeds=Watermelon Flavor in my humble opinion!

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