Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Making Progress

From where I sit, it's hard to tell where exactly I'm at.

I have slept all the way through the night for the past two nights, so the BodyClock reset project seems to be on track...I'm still feeling body weary in the evening...maybe a few more days then...

My first week at the Ancestral Digs has hit most of the bases so far. Mom's doin' fine, BajaBabe made it to town and we're having a fine old time. The San Francisco Bay halibut have gone on the bite, but the wind is still keeping a lid on Salmon Season.

I did see some disturbing Tweets this evening however...KCRA3's @MarkFinan tweeted this...then this...and now this! Steady Dave...Sunday's five days out still...and the models Finan cites are the Sacramento Office's taken with a grain of salt!

There is a lot of snow on the ground over Old Highway 40's Donner Summit (Stage 2 of the AMGEN Tour of California) I can't imagine that there's much chance of measurable snowfall in mid-May...though there's still some La Niña residual hanging around...and I have seen snow every month of the year up there...the Morning News showed radar echoes of showers over the Tahoe Sierra, Jeweler said: "Just a dusting on Donner Summit, but four inches reported in South Lake Tahoe"!

I checked the webcams, but I didn't actually see any evidence of new snow...

We'll put all this weather speculation on the back burner for a few days and wait to see what shakes out...

I watered the Ancestral Diggins for the first time today, and researched for some solid answers on my irrigation automation install. I haven't checked the soil temps yet, but I'm definitely not late planting-wise. I've got all my difficult to find seeds in stock and they should be sprouting soon. BajaBabe and I will scout the local nurseries this afternoon for candidates to cultivate.

We had a visitor to the Diggins in the morning too..she was camera shy, but I got a snap of her before my ham-handed "stalking skills" spooked her...

We squired my Mom to her monthly Church Social today and had a grand old time in spite of the fact that attendance was off by maybe 40%...Lot's of God's Children opted for tropical renewal after the long cold, wet Winter I'd wager!

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